ACE Certified Personal Trainer
NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist
Corrective Exercise Specialist
RKC Kettlebell Instructor
Battling Ropes Coach

After graduating college, I worked as a Director of Photography on some of reality t.v.'s top shows such as Fear Factor, The Bachelor and Top Chef.  Between shoots I began hiring some of LA's top trainers to ensure that I stay in shape for my physically demanding job.  I had not grown up playing lots of sports or being particularly active.  These years in the gym were my first taste of true health and fitness and I was falling in love fast.  

I began to see the direct correlation between my job performance and my diet and exercise program.  Carrying a 35 pound camera for 12 hours a day was much easier when I felt strong and energized.

Over time, I began to be less fulfilled in my work.  The reality tv industry was changing and I was losing my focus and drive for it.  I realized that doing what you love in life is key to success and fulfillment.  I decided to take responsibility for my own happiness and pursue a new career in the field of my true passion...fitness.

The first step of any journey is sometimes the hardest, but with a little encouragement and support, no goal is unattainable.  Watching my clients push past their expectations and attain more healthy lifesyles is the most gratifying part of my job.  My clients entrust me with their health and well-being.  I am honored to take on this responsibility and hold it in the highest regard.

Success can be achieved when fitness and nutrition are in balance with an overall well being in both body and mind.  Each component is equally essential.