"In 2009 I decided to take responsibility for my own happiness and pursue a new career in the field of my true passion...health and fitness. 

The first step of any journey is sometimes the hardest, but with a little encouragement and support, no goal is unattainable.  Watching my clients push past their expectations and attain more healthy lifesyles is the most gratifying part of my job.  My clients entrust me with their health and well-being.  I am honored to take on this responsibility and hold it in the highest regard."


Certified Personal Trainer
Fitness Nutrition Specialist
Corrective Exercise Specialist
Russian Kettlebell Certified Instructor
Battling Ropes Certified Coach
Functional Movement Systems Certified




Little Victories:  I take pride in my ability to make my clients feel at ease in the gym.  I know how daunting it can be to begin a diet and exercise program.  Change is scary!  But, you don't have to take on the world in one day.  True success is achieved by making what I like to call, "little victories."  Continuously pushing forward by making small lifestyle adjustments is key!  MAJOR life changes are made by continuously taking baby steps...one after another after another. 

Balance & Moderation:  It's my favorite slogan.  Should you eat cake at your best friend's birthday? Absolutely!  Should you eat cake every day?  NO!  Should you work out as hard as you possibly can?  Totally!  Should you push yourself that hard every day?  Probably NOT!  Maintaining true and lasting health and fitness requires learning how to balance healthy habits into your lifestyle.  Rest, relaxation, sleep, nutrition, stress management and fitness can all be weaved into the daily fabric of your life in a structured way.    


80/20:  No one is perfect all of the time.  Life is to be lived and enjoyed.  If 80% of the time, you are eating well, exercising and maintaining healthy habits, then 20% of the time you can splurge and delightfully indulge.  Now, this doesn't mean running to the nearest fast food joint for your 20%!  Plan your "cheats" and indulge strategically.  Splurge smart and savor it.  Organic wine and gourmet cheese, anyone?

Your 100% changes every day:  Your inner voice should be one of positivity and encouragement.  Every time you step into the gym, you should give it your all.  But know that your 100% changes each day.  What you gave yesterday, you may not be able to give again today.  And that's OK!  As long as you're always doing the very best you can on any challenge, you'll never be disappointed.