Give me the bird

"Mother Nature is a Smart Chick"

She was smart enough to provide us here on earth with everything we need to survive and be healthy. We're not smarter than her. This is why I try to eat foods that mother nature gave us. Healthy, grass fed proteins like chicken, buffalo and beef, as well as fresh fish. Hearty fruits and veggies are always satisfying. I choose non vegetable based oils.

So where does soy fit into the picture?

Again, these are all my opinions and some of you vegetarians out there may not be too happy with what this post is about, BUT...

I have yet to see a cow that produces soy milk. Or a buffalo that can be turned into a soy burger.

I am referring to NON FERMENTED soy products. If you must have soy, make sure it's fermented.

Here are a few facts about non fermented soy...

1. It contains estrogen. Menopausal women who would rather not take hormone treatments drink soy milk during hot flashes for the estrogen. Yes, it contains that much estrogen. Consumer groups in New Zealand and Canada are working to ban soy in infant formula. One resarcher, Dr. Mike Fitzpatrick, estimates that a baby that is given ONLY soy formula is getting the equvalent in phytoestrogen of five birth control pills a day- or more. Would you feed your baby birth control pills?

2. It can cause hypothyroidism. Your thyroid controls metabolism. If the gland that helps you metabolize does not function properly, your body will begin to slow down. Weight gain, hair loss, fatigue and dry skin are all symptoms of a malfunctioning thyroid. Guess how to correct a malfunctioning thyroid...synthetic hormones...sounds like fun yet? (oh....and a proper diet can help cure it too)

3. So just how do those little soybeans make their way from a bean to a burger, or milk, or chicken form? They're bathed in hexane gas. Hexane gas is extremely volatile and is used in the making of glues for shoes, leathers and roofing. Hexane is used in the food industry to extract oils out of substances. But it gets better...the use of this gas is a pollutant. Areas near soy and grain processing centers are more polluted and have bigger holes in the ozone due to the use of hexane gas. In 1999, an explosion at the Indianapolis Centra Soya Plant was due to a hexane gas spill. Another explosion happened four years later at an Iowa plant, killing two workers.

I imagine Mother Nature as a wise old grandmother. She knows about nutrition and good health. I imagine that she would want us to eat from the land and eat as healthy as possible. She would want us to feel good and vibrant.

Make wise choices when deciding what to put into your mouth. Labels like "organic," "natural," and "whole grain" don't mean anything. I don't care what's on the front of the box. All I care about is the ingredient list on the back. Know where your food is coming from. Educate yourself. Your health depends on it. (FYI...all those "multigrain products" are mostly made from corn...sorry.)

So if I have to choose between a chicken nugget that's supposed to taste like chicken but made out of soy, then altered to taste like chicken....give me the bird.