The Seventh Commandment

i was raised in the catholic church.  the seventh commandment is "thou shalt not steal."  screw that.

coming up with new ideas and ways to prepare foods is always challenging.  eating healthy should be fun and explorative.  but you should always stick to healthy non processed ingredients.  in other words, your days of a "meal in a box" are OVER.

if you're not a culinary genius, and are new to fresh wholesome foods, walking through the vegetable section of any grocery store can be heart attack inducing.  green onions, cabbage, spinach, broccoli...yeah, they're all wonderful and i know they're healthy, but what the hell am i supposed to do with them?  cue the whole foods deli counter.

i wish i made enough money to eat solely from this counter.  unfortunately, i've gotta prepare my own yummy meals like pretty much everyone else.  so how do i steal from this counter? every sunday i stalk this counter like it's prey,  tasting and nibbling.   i'm a visual learner.  seeing these dishes gives me ideas.  i take mental notes of what i see as side dishes for veggies and also for new ways of preparing meats.  on this day, the broccoli crunch salad was to die for.  i order a small side of it.  here's where it gets good.  the deli counter worker puts my broccoli in a dish and weighs it.  then, she puts the sticker receipt on the container.  guess what's on the receipt?  a listing of EVERY INGREDIENT in the salad.  perfect.  now i can scoot on over to trader joe's and create my own broccoli crunch salad for the week without breaking the bank.  thievery tastes so good.

okay, if you refuse to steal or are just too strapped for time to prepare your own meals, this counter is the best for prepared foods. pretty much everything is organic and healthful.