Baja Fresh?

If Baja Fresh had existed in the year 1912, it could have saved the titanic. There's enough salt in most of their burritos to melt an iceberg.

You guys...I am totally SHOCKED at the amount of sodium in most of the ingredients in Baja Fresh. If the food is really fresh, then why do most of the menu items contain your DAILY RDA of salt. Baffled.

Let me put this into perspective. Ramen noodles is one of those foods that is notorious for being salty, right? We've all heard of the dangers of eating ramen because, "oh yeah, there's a lot of sodium in that." Well, ALL of the burritos at Baja Fresh at least double and MOST TRIPLE the amount of sodium that's in one cup o' noodles. Your recommended daily salt allowance is 2300mg. How you get plain old pico de gallo to have almost 1000mg and why the soups contain 2600mg of sodium is beyond my understanding of food. I don't even know why or much less HOW they do that. I picture some sci fi robot salting machine that just zaps all the food into little salt balls.

And if the salt is this can bet that the calorie content is through the roof as well. What upsets me the most is that Baja Fresh is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Yes, they're probably healthier than other popular fast food chains, but they're not an ideal meal or even fresh by any means.

But not all is lost. This menu does contain a few items that won't expand your waistlines or slim down your artery walls. This was a tough one but here are my pics for best and worst at Baja Fresh. Sorry guys but burritos, quesadillas, fajitas and nachos are all pretty much off limits. Blame them! Not me!

Original Baja Tacos
Grilled Mahi Mahi soft taco
Chicken/Steak/ or Shrimp Baja Ensalada

A few honorable mentions:
Americano Soft Taco
Side of chips and Pico de Gallo (or ask for the fat free salsa verde salad dressing to dip, instead of the guacamole or salsa)

Nacho Burrito (1250 calories & 3200mg sodium)
Steak Nachos (2120 calories & 2990mg sodium)
Steak Fajitas with flour tortillas (1240calories & 3440mg sodium)
Chips & Guacamole (1340 calories...again, how is this even possible?)

So try to stick with the tacos, salads and go easy with the rice and beans and chips here. You'll feel better for the rest of the work day.