If you don't have your health, then what DO you have?

We're all busy. There's not a person I know who isn't. We lead fast paced lives and work INSANE hours. However, this is no excuse to let your health fall by the wayside. If you don't have your health, then what DO you have? I'm talking longevity here people.

If you

make physical activity a priority

, you're never too busy. Here's how:

1. Do more exercise when you're between jobs. Some of you nutcases go from job to job with no time to rest. Those of you who take a little time to "reset" can take advantage of this time to be more active.

2. Just MOVE! Walks, jogs, bike rides, hiking, bowling, volleyball at the beach, or even going to the gym if that suits you. If you do something you enjoy, you're more likely to stick with it. If you hate going to the gym, do something else. Try an outdoor bootcamp or swim at the YMCA, you'll even get a healthy dose of vitamin D spending more time outdoors. You'll burn more calories doing something rather than nothing.

3. Working on the road? On your days off explore new cities by foot or bike. Reality folks are so lucky they get to see the world while earning a living...take advantage of new locations. Some of the cities you get to see have some of the coolest activities to partake in, especially the tropical locales! Surf, sightsee, explore. Being active doesn't always mean pumping iron at the gym.

4. Hire a trainer. You'll be more likely to show up if someone is expecting you to. A trainer should understand your schedule and try their best to fit you in at times most convenient for you. I understand that sometimes my clients are "MIA" for a while with busy shows, or on the road, or just doing mad OT. Believe me, I get plenty of late night texts saying, "I just found out I have tomorrow off...what time can I come in to see you?" It works out because my clients want it to. You CAN be in the industry and have a trainer, just make sure you're on the same page and that they understand how your schedule works.

5. Download BODYFATE for your iphone. Bodyfate is the best fitness app out there. Enter your fitness level, how long you have to work out, and check off what equipment you have nearby (a CHAIR is even one of the options!) The app then generates a workout tailored for you, with fitness models who show you how to do the exercises safely and with proper form! It's the PERFECT thing for you travelers and those of you who don't have enough time to hit the gym before work. AND, I'll be demonstrating some of the exercises in the next version of the app...so it'll be just like having me on the road with you!

6. Short intense workouts rule! You DON'T have to spend an hour at the gym. Cut your time in half by increasing the intensity of your workout. Get on that treadmill and do intervals of

sprints and walking. Sprint for one minute and walk for 1 or 2. 20 minutes and you're done. Or choose 3 exercises at the gym and do them in fast succession, only resting after you've completed all three. Then repeat the cycle once or twice more. Studies show that people who practice shorter workouts tend to stick with their program longer, resulting in greater fat loss over time.

I know the hours of working in reality tv can be grueling. But if you choose to make your health a priority, it CAN be done. Just choose you...plain and simple.

*COMING SOON: The MariaFIT hotel room workout video...the best way to take me along with you on your next road gig!