She's Crafty

Stop snacking on junk. It's the reason why you feel like junk.

Okay. I know how lame most crafty tables can be. Mealy apples, a bag of cheezits and some red vines. Add a paper clip and it sounds like ingredients that Macgyver could have made a bomb out of.

First....let's talk about what constitutes a healthy snack. Anything mother nature made herself is a good start. Carbohydrates like fruits and veggies have vitamins and minerals to keep you going strong. Proteins like chicken and eggs help muscle repair and are essential to any balanced meal. Fats like nuts and avocados are necessary for brain function as well as keeping you feeling satisfied and fuller longer.

Add combinations of carbs, proteins and fats together for a more well balanced and long lasting snack. For example....Beef jerky paired with an orange. Almonds paired with an apple. String cheese and grapes. Baby carrots and peanut butter. Proteins and fats slow down the digestion of carbohydrates, keeping you feeling more satisfied. 6 hours is a long time to go between meals, you need hearty healthy snacks.

My thoughts on processed foods. I really don't care what the front of the bag/box says. If the ingredient list on the back looks like a paragraph full of words I could have found in my Jr. High Chemistry book - I stay away. It's all stuff created in some lab somewhere that will only make you feel worse after eating it. Your job is hard. You don't need to make it harder by having less energy.

So...armed with this new information, you will now look at that crafty table with a new eye. Start reading the labels, you'll be shocked. Everything has high fructose corn junk in it. Everything. How much sodium is in that cute little baggie? Educate yourself and be aware of what you're putting into your mouth.

So now, the big question. What if the entire crafty table is ONLY filled with junk? What if NOTHING passes your test for what's acceptable food? I'm going to offer up a solution that some of you will not like. This is going to piss some of you off.

I don't know of any other job that gives it's employees snacks for free. Production doesn't HAVE to do this for us. They just do. So then, first, make suggestions to production as to what you'd like to see on that table. Second, bring your own crafty. (insert sound of car crash here.)

If you really want to take your own health into your own hands, bring food. It's not that hard. Carry a "crew igloo" with icepacks in it. Pack some stuff in your backpack. Be prepared, just incase that table looks like a Macgyver bomb, you have an out. Because if you don't have backup in your backpack, you WILL get hungry and you WILL grab the doritos.

If you eat a meal right before your shift, and you get lunch halfway through, you should bring 2 or 3 snacks. And you can always grab whatever's healthy from the crafty table to supplement what you brought yourself. Here are my picks for some of my favorite backpack crafty items.


Apples, Bananas, Pears, Tangerines, Grapes, Berries, Trader Joes' dried fruits (unsulfured and unsweetened)

Baby carrots, Celery sticks, Sugar snap peas, Cucumber slices

Hummus dip (try with radish "chips")

Mary's Gone Crackers (whole foods...healthy wheat & gluten free crackers, they're yummy)


Turkey or beef jerky (just be careful of the salt content..TJ's or Whole foods brands are better)

Boiled Eggs

Deli Turkey slices (try to find nitrate free)

String Cheese

Cottage cheese single serving cups

Yogurt single serving cups (plain...the ingredients on the flavored ones can get scary)

Canned tuna

Powdered whey protein (bring a mixer cup)


Nuts and seeds (raw and unsalted is best)


Trail mix (TJ's has awesome selections)

Peanut butter

Full fat cheeses


Larabars (any health bar with 2 or 3 ingredients rules!)

Jay Robb Whey Protein Bars (Whole foods)

Perfect foods bar lite (fridge section of whole foods)

ZBars (contain very little soy)

Trader Joe's brand unsweetened Green Tea (antioxidants plus caffeine)

Kombucha teas (tastes yummy and aids in digestion)

Dark chocolate (70% or higher for a little mood boosting sweet treat)

Rawnola (Whole Foods)

Staring at your crafty table and totally confused? Hit me up at Or leave a comment below.