Stop hating on these little red balls of yum. It's time to give radishes a second chance.

One cup of radishes has only 20 calories. They are rich in potassium and folic acid as well as vitamin B6 and the minerals magnesium and calcium.

What to do...Ideas:
-add sliced radishes to salads
-combine chopped radishes with chicken or tuna salads for a crispy bite
-slice thinly and use as a "chip" alternative for hummus or party dips
-use instead of croutons as a soup topper
-cut them in half and roast in the oven at 375 degrees...a great roasted potato alternative!
-(finally, my favorite) sautee sliced radishes in a pan with a little butter for a wonderful side dish to go with any protein. Use REAL butter...no fake substitutes.