Veggies Au Gratin

Move over scalloped potatoes. This is WAY BETTER. Veggies Au Gratin...a unique gluten and dairy free veggie side dish.

Squash (green or yellow or both)
Coconut Milk (from the can) (1/4 cup to 1/2 cup)
Almond Meal
Coconut Oil (or olive oil) (tablespoon)
Spices (salt and pepper, plus anything that compliments the sweet coconut...I like curry powder)

How To:
-Heat the oil in a large skillet on Medium heat.
-Add squash and cook until browned.
-Add Coconut Milk and toss. Simmer veggies in milk for a few minutes.
-Add sprinkle of Almond meal to thicken the milk cream sauce if it's watery.
-Add spices to taste.
-Pour entire mixture into ramekins or into an oven safe dish.
-Sprinkle almond meal over the top of the veggie cream mixture.
-Broil the ramekins to brown the almond meal mix. Careful, this happens quickly.

*For a dairy version, substitute milk for coconut milk and use cheese instead of almond meal to top off the veggies.
*I served my squash au gratin with carmelized onion topped grass fed skirt steak and roasted brussels sprouts.