Summer Body Prep! June Special

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Sean First Pullups

Sean, you rock. I'm sorry I cut your head off in the video of you doing your first pullup. I was so excited, I forgot to pay attention to the camera. Heh heh. It has been an absolute joy to watch you grow and conquer these goals. Keep going...keep crushing.

Sean has been greasing the groove with pullups a lot lately. We've been working on his shoulder mobility and doing plenty of strength work. We've been "greasing the groove" and slowly increasing the volume of band pullups that Sean does over time. Play the numbers game. Building the strength to do a strict pullup takes time, but once you have it, it's there and it's real. Watch the video to see what I'm talking about.

Sean First Pullup from Maria Abarca on Vimeo.

Get back on the wagon.

true story.

When my uncle was a baby, they were worried that something was wrong with him.  Perfectly beautiful toddler boy, crawling around.  Beginning to walk.  Getting into messes like a little boy should.  The problem - he wasn't speaking.  No goo goo ga ga, no mom, no dad.  He was silent, and they were scared.

They encouraged him all they could but he remained silent.  Until one day.  He full sentences.  He skipped right over the babble and started conversing at an adult level.  Even that young, he was such a perfectionist, he wasn't going to speak until he could do it perfectly.  I take after my uncle.

But that's not always a good thing.  It's okay to make mistakes.  It's okay to fall off the wagon.  The most important thing is that we get back on.  We are all trying new things in the gym and at the dinner table.  Be persistent.  You will get stronger.  You can master new skills if you WANT TO.  You'll figure out YOUR nutrition plan if you just keep trying.  Don't be afraid to make a mistake.  Keep reading and researching.  The more info you have, the better decisions you'll make.

10 months ago I tested my pullup personal record.  I did 4.  Today I completed 7.  It felt amazing.  Look at the took me almost a year to get 3 more.  Sometimes things move at what seems like a glacial pace.  But they are MOVING.

I know nutrition can feel like this sometimes too.  Like you just keep trying and nothing is changing.  Well, keep trying.  Keep pushing.  Keep exploring new things and learning.  They'll move, eventually.  If you don't give up, that is.

We didn't video the pr today...I don't think we honestly thought anything major was going to happen.  grrr.  But I did go back and look at the old video of when i did 4.  Happy.

Pullup Girls from KrisFit on Vimeo.