S.O.B. - All-Star Client

Sometimes it freaks me out when I think of how far Sean has come.

Before                                       AFTER! woah!

Sean O'Brien...aka S.O.B. came to me over a year ago. He had very little exercise experience and his goal was to just feel better. Sean, like most people, works a high stress job behind a computer. Mobility, endurance and strength were all things we were going to have to build up in Sean.

Sean and I set his first goal...show up. That was it. Sean made a commitment to see me three times a week. He never missed a session. He showed up, did the work and said within the first month that he was feeling better already. I was stoked.

One of the funniest memories I have of Sean is that in the very beginning, he said he had no interest in going on any crazy diets or messing around with his food. I said, "fine...no worries, keep doing what you're doing." I knew that if he continued to show up and we continued to set lofty goals for him in the gym, that eventually he'd come around. After a few more months, Sean started to get frustrated that his fitness progress was plateauing. He put two and two together and decided it was time to start tackling nutrition.

Sean started keeping a food journal for me. After only a few short discussions on how he could tweak his diet, we started seeing MAJOR changes. It was SO AWESOME to see. Sean was getting faster, stronger, having more endurance, was energized throughout his day and was having to hit the stores because his clothes were getting too big! Now Sean sends me photos like this of what his kitchen table looks like after a shopping trip...

One of the most amazing things to me is how much Sean has taken accountability for his own health. I am a motivator, instructor, coach...I hope that I can say the right thing to the right person to induce an "ah-ha!" moment. Clients, like Sean, who take it to the next level and decide to put THEIR OWN HEALTH and HAPPINESS first and continue to learn on their own will see changes that will last a lifetime. Sean sends me amazing articles that he finds on the internet regarding health topics. He emails me recipes he comes across that are just too good and healthy not to share. Continuing to learn is key. Sean has figured that part out.

Not too long ago, I asked Sean if he feels like he's on a diet. He just kinda looked at me funny and said, "No, I just eat different." Rad. That's the moment when I knew he had really made a shift in his life.

S.O.B., you continue to amaze me. I can't wait to see what you'll do. I enjoy our sessions so much and wanted to share with everyone how dang proud I am of you.

In closing. In my best twangy loud sing-songey rhyme voice...ah-hem...CUH'MON SEAAAAAAAAN!

Check out these videos of Sean being awesome...heh heh.