Vanessa B. | All-Star Client

Vanessa and I met on the set of LA Ink in 2009. I remember her back then as being super sweet, a little quiet and always very nice. After leaving that show to transition into my new career in fitness, Vanessa contacted me about training. She was one of my first clients.

Vanessa began training one on one sessions in the morning before her work. Her attitude from the very beginning was always positive. She was always game to try new things and never complained. She enjoyed it so much that she soon became a regular in my kickboxing classes. I explained to her that this journey wasn't going to happen overnight; she understood the idea of "little victories."

To me, Vanessa is the epitome of little victories. The path to success is made by making small changes, one after the other, and never giving up. During her transformation, she discovered a love for running. I remember being so proud when she completed her first race. That first race ignited something in her and propelled her to pursue fitness with even more enthusiasm. Not only was she tackling a busy job, but she was now balancing marathon and triathlon training, personal training, group classes, and even obstacle course racing. A true lifestyle change had happened.

I asked Vanessa if she had any before pictures she'd be willing to share. I was shocked when I got her email in my inbox. I had almost forgotten what a long and amazing journey she's been on.  Her transformation didn't happen over night.  She consistently made little changes and kept setting new goals for herself.  

It is actually Vanessa who inspired me to do my first triathlon. She was an awesome training partner. She motivated me to get up and practice my cycling on the weekends when I just wanted to sleep in. We tackled our fear of open water swimming together. Her strength gains over the last two years have improved greatly and her cardiovascular endurance is something to be admired. You should see this girl on a bike...and if you have, you were probably looking at her backside because she was surely leading the pack. This girl doesn't quit. And equally as awesome; she even challenges the fitness level of those around her. If you're hanging with Vanessa, chances are you're running, biking, or swimming along side her.

Here's to you V. I couldn't be prouder of ya.